مبدل کارت خوان XQD Card Reader مدل OTN-5212B

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مبدل کارت خوان XQD Card Reader مدل OTN-5212B

Product description:

XQD Card Reader, ONTEN USB C SD XQD Card Reader, Aluminum Alloy Flash Memory Card Reader for Sony G Series, Lexar USB Mark Card, Support Windows/Mac OS System (Silver)

This is a portable XQD 2.0 USB-C card reader helps you to download the RAW images and 4K videos from your XQD 2.0 Card to computer in an extremely high speed. By adapting the USB-C technology, it speeds up to your workflow and lets you get back to work in a short time.Its portable and compact design is perfect for photographers, brings you comfort and convenience no matter indoors or outdoors.


Name: XQD super speed card reader
Theoretical card reading rate: 500MB/s for the XQD card
Material: ABS+ wire drawing aluminum alloy


1.Plug and play
2.Supporting XQD card reading
3.Supporting SD card reading
4.With USB3.0 interface
5.LED indicator

ابعاد 2.03*8.13*15.49 سانتی متر
وزن 54.43 گرم
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