ماژول سیم کارت لپ تاپ Dell مدل Ericsson WWAN F5521gw KRD 3G Card

بررسی و خرید ماژول سیم کارت لپ تاپ Dell مدل Ericsson F5521gw KRD 3G Card سازگار با انواع مدل های لپ تاپ Dell
قیمت برای شما: 350,000تومان
افزودن به سبد

ماژول سیم کارت لپ تاپ Dell مدل Ericsson F5521gw KRD 3G Card

Model: F5521GW F3507G Wireless 3G WCDMA HSPA WWAN Mini PCI-E Card
Type: WCDMA / HSPA / GSM / GPRS / EDGE + GPS Standalone, A-GPS
Bands: WCDM A /HSPA 2100/1900/900/850MHz (Band I / II /V/VI / VIII) GSM/ GPRS/EDGE 1900/1800/900/850MHz
HSPA Data speed (D/L 21M bps U/L 5.76 Mbps)
EDGE/GPRS Data speed (D/L: 247 Kbps U/L: 247 Kbps)
Advanced reciever diversity type 3i (GRAKE2+)Standalone, A-GPS

Presented at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, Ericsson's F5521gw module is the World's first embedded mobile broadband module specifically designed for notebooks and other consumer electronics to support 21Mbps HSPA Evolution networks.
It is interoperable with Intel Anti-Theft Technology (Intel AT) version 3.0 to disable a computer remotely if lost or stolen, even if the operating system is not running.
Designed to give users the fastest mobile broadband experience available in embedded devices such as notebooks, netbooks and tablets, the F5521gw module is capable of download speeds of up to 21Mbps with upload speeds reaching 5.76Mbps.

انواع لپ تاپ های Dell سازگار با ماژول سیم کارت Ericsson F5521gw KRD 3G

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